Rules Thai Boksen

  1. clothing and (protective) equipment

–     short (thaibox) pants or legging and boxing gloves

–     mouth protector and groin protector (toc)

  1. duration of the fights
    • novices: 5 minutes
    • C-class: 3×2   minutes
    • B-class: 5×2   minutes
    • A-class: 5×3   minutes

All categories, except A-class: 1 minute break between rounds. A-class: 1.5 minute break between rounds.

  1. officially permitted techniques and fouls


–          punches (fist) to:                                    head, front en side

upper body, front and side

–           kicks (foot) to:                          head, front and side

neck, chest, stomach and side body

–           kicks (shin) to:                          inside and outside upper leg (i.e. low kicks)

head, neck, chest, breast side body (i.e. round kicks)

–           knee kicks to:                           breast, side body, stomach and legs

Take notice: only in A-class it is permitted to execute knee kicks to the head.


  • head butts
  • use of elbow strikes
  • all techniques directed at the groin
  • backfist or spinning backfist
  • clinching in the lower back
  • leg sweeps, judo- and wrestling throws
  • punching with the inside of the gloves
  • continuing the fight after the command “break” or “stop” from the referee
  • continuing the fight when an opponent is (partially) outside the ropes
  • continuing the fight when an opponent is completely down or has contact with the ground with other parts of his body than his feet
  • biting, spitting, sticking fingers in the eyes of an opponent, avoiding to fight, failing to behave like a good sportsman
  • approaching, attacking an opponent with the head held too low
  • simulating being hit by a foul technique (like a low blow)
  • not obeying the instructions of the referee

If a fighter commits one of the abovementioned fouls he will be warned not to do this again. If he repeats the foul or commits a grave foul, he shall receive an Official Warning (OW). 3 times an OW = Disqualification

  1. awarding of points
    1. a fighter can earn from 10, to 9, 8 etc. points per round. The number of points depends on efficiency of his techniques (clear hits), quality of his techniques and spirit in the fight.
    2. Kicks and knee techniques are more appreciated and higher rewarded than boxing techniques (punches). They count heavier in the awarding of points per round.
    3. An Official Warning (OW) leads to deduction of 1 point. If a fighter receives an eight-count, there is also a reduction of 1 point.


  1. Eight-count

–    if a fighter receives in   A-class       an eight-count x 3 times in one round or 4 times in a fight = Lost

B-class       an eight-count x 2 times in one round or 3 times in a fight = Lost