The W.F.C.A. has been founded in January 1997. From the beginning, the most important goal of W.F.C.A has been: promotion of tournaments in – and between – the multiple full contact martial arts disciplines. Along with controlling and regulating this process, with regards to the quality of fighters, judges and tournaments, and furthermore enhancing and optimalising medical and promotional aspects of these martial arts tournaments.

Since W.F.C.A. has many international contacts, it is not only possible for A-class fighters to fight in international tournaments in other countries but also for fighters with B- and C-licenses. In the past, this has been the case in – for instance – Germany, Spain, Austria, the Caribic. In the near future, there are more countries, soon to come.

The W.F.C.A. is completely independent. We are in no way whatsoever related to promoters, managers, individual sport schools or associations .W.F.C.A. only works for a compensation of expenses, with an strictly open bookkeeping.

We, as W.F.C.A., are convinced that the interest of fighters should be the main concern. Any time, anywhere. Our philosophy in working is simple: as an organisation, we have to be independent, honest and open minded, with an open eye towards the interest of everybody concerned. Members who are active in the W.F.C.A. are all experienced in martial arts and have been fighting and training themselves for years.

In all, this has become a way or working that apparently has appealed to many fighters, schools and organisations and that has probably been responsible for the rapid growth of the W.F.C.A.

In the last few years, we have successfully organised tournaments in the following countries: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Croatia, Austria, Poland, Spain, Switzerland and Holland. There are negotiations under way with other countries and it is very likely that W.F.C.A. will become active there also. Official sponsor of the W.F.C.A . is Adidas Boxing . The contributions of our sponsor make it possible to work on non-profit basis, expenses only.

However, W.F.C.A. considers its independency as absolutely necessary for functioning and performing well. Therefore, our sponsor Adidas Boxing no influence at all, concerning the acting of our organisation.