MMA Rules

Competition duration
Amateurs : 3x 3 min.
Professionals : 3x 5 min.

Forbidden actions
– Kick/knee techniques aimed at the head when the opponent is not in an upright position
(When he/she has contact with the floor with other body parts besides the soles off the feet.)
– Knee techniques to the head during ground fight.
– Attacks aimed to the eyes, nose, ears, fingers, toes or adam’s apple (by stabbing or hooking with fingers).
– Head but
– Elbow techniques
– Attacks aimed at the crotch.
– Using ring ropes ( foot, legs, arm or hand)
– Intentionally crawling underneath the ring ropes to void the fight.
– Intentionally throwing the opponent out off the ring.
– Intentionally voiding the fight.
– Unsporting behaviour like: biting, spitting, scratching, and bending fingers or fingers in the eyes.
– Holding on to gloves or any other protective gear.
– Lubricating the body with grease/ oil, or any other substance that can be an influence to the fight.
– Rude or unsporting behaviour of coaches or companions.
– Not following commands of the ring referee.

When a contestant commits one off the above forbidden actions, he/she can get an official warning by means of a yellow card,
3 times an official warning = disqualification
On a rude forbidden action a red card is given.

Point system

All correct and effective techniques with impact are counted as a score. After every round the scores are converted in a 10-9 point system. For an official warning (yellow card) 1 point will be subtracted.

– Afford to finish the fight
– Damage
– Standing combination and Ground control
– Aggression (controlled)

End of competition:
– Giving up through tapping or verbal indication.
– Intervention by Referee or Doctor
– 3rd official warning (= minus 3 points)
– Tossing towel by the coach.