Dear sport school holders, like your attention for the following.

As known to most martial athletes are the different martial arts associations disagree to achieve a common martial arts become passport. The World Full Contact Association (W.F.C.A.) has decided in 2012 to integrate its own martial arts Passport request.

The goal of the WFCA-passport, which is also recognised by the Nover, transparency to get into the vecht (st) and his or her opposition (st) there. Which means how many fights, what age, what class and what weight does my opposition (st) there. In short: everything you want to know about the one where you as kickboxer fighting against. The WFCA wants, by precisely by putting this information in a database, ensure the quality of the fights.

To the fact that the one and the other, in the interest of the fighter, its consequences must be guaranteed. These consequences are costs. The intention is that anyone who participates in a gala is obliged under the auspices of the W.F.C.A. or the W.F.C.A. Nover Passport at all times in his or her possession without exception. Every one is gain if everything, in the interest of the vecht (st), is correctly registered.

To obtain the mandatory passport, the following fee will be charged:
€ 15,- new pasport

€ 10,- per calendar year

obtaining the fighters passport goes as follows:

the vecht (st) an application form to fill in a recent passport photo to take along and an identity card. It shall also be paid membership/registration fee. All this can than on any martial arts event under the auspices of the w. f. c. (A) shall be returned.

The registration form, to obtain the Passport at both gyms and martial arts events will be available but can also be downloaded via our website: World Full Contact Association. If you have forgotten your Passport participation is possible only upon presentation of a valid ID, we check than indeed directly or W.F.C.A. you are in possession of a passport.

For the loss of your Passport you pay € 5,-administration costs and you must show your valid ID and give a recent passport photo. The number of parties already fought in your new passport will be taken over.

Thanks for your cooperation.

With friendly sports regards, W.F.C.A.


Click here to download your registration form!

The file is stored in PDF format, this format can be opened by anyone using the program Adobe Acrobat Reader. This program is free to download via the link below.